Going through the first reading of today (Genesis 2 and 3) which was about the temptation of Adam and Eve by the devil and how God finally threw them from the garden of Eden, I recall a story I was told when I was a kid about this beggar who stayed at the roadside along one estate. Every day, he keeps lamenting that if not for Adam and Eve that ate from the forbidden fruit and disobeyed God, he would have been living a better life. There lived a rich man who always pass through that road on his way home and was always hearing the lamentations of this beggar. On this fateful day, he stopped his car and asked the beggar why he keeps lamenting. The beggar responded by saying that if not for the disobedience of Adam and Eve, the world would have been a land full of milk and honey. The rich man further asked him if he would not have done the same thing if he was to be in the place of Adam and Eve. He told the rich man that he will never do that because they were many other fruits to eat from. 

The next day, the rich man invited the beggar to his estate and told him that from that moment, he will give him (the beggar) a home in the estate and that the beggar should treat everything in the estate as his property. The rich man then gave him new clothes and told the beggar to remove this rag clothes. After a month of living in paradise, the rich man called the beggar and told him that he will be going for a trip and that he does not know when he will return and so the beggar should be in charge of the estate. He gave him full rein over the whole house but restricted him from entering one particular room. One month passed but no news from the rich man. After six months without any news from the rich man, the beggar began wondering what was in the room the rich man did not want him to discover. After about two years with no news from the rich man, the beggar decided to open the room to check what the rich man did not want to show him but on opening the room, he discovered that the only thing in the room was his rag clothes. It was then that the rich man made his presence known and told him to vacate his premises with only his rag clothes. The rich man then made him to understand that if Adam and Eve did not sin against God, perhaps someone else would have done so and that he should stop blaming someone else for his misfortunes.

During this season of lent, the Church invites us as Christians to reflect deeply on temptation and that as humans, we are bound to face temptations because our flesh is naturally weak but we are assured that our God will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear. Knowing the bible intimately will help us to be victorious over any temptation that comes our way.


You can only say someone is good when he has the opportunity to be bad but still chooses to be good.

Curiosity indeed kills the cat.

Do not blame others for your misfortunes.

As a Christian, you must face temptations.

We are all capable of sinning against God.


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